I placed order in a order yesterday in a restaurant, but it was cancelled after waiting for more than 20 minutes. After filing a complaint about this issue on restaurant website, Zomato blocked my account without any information. Well, Zomato should have blocked the customer support service in spite of blocking my account. As of now, I can order food from any other website, we have multiple options to choose from but I have used Zomato for various other reasons other than just ordering food. Therefore, I request the company to please resolve the issue Zomato account blocked.


Zomato Details

  • Name: Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Website:
  • Address:
  • 139-P, Sector 44, Gurgaon, Gurgaon District, Haryana, India – 122002
  • Customer Care numbers:
    • Phone:
    • +91 83 7509 7031  [South]
    • +91 83 7507 3452  [North]
    • +91 83 7509 2754  [West]
    • +91 11 3080 6376
    • +91 83 7509 2754
  • Key Executives:
    • Mr Deepinder Goyal (Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Director)
    • Mr Pankaj Chaddah (Co-founder and Director)
    • Ms. Surobhi Das (Chief Operating Officer)
    • Mr. Gunjan Patidar (Chief Technocrat)

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