MGNREGA Assam Money Credited

By | February 2, 2024

MGNREGA Assam all information

MGNREGA ASSAM:- Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), it aims to the people earnings security in areas of villages. The people rural areas wages for the workers get 100 days of wage employement payment in a financial year, volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

Mgnrega Assam was already introduced since 2006-07 at 7 districts as the first phase. It have been coverage was extended to 6 districts in the 2nd phase that is in 2007-08 and since 2008-09 under the all programme.

Eligible Criteria in MGNREGA ASSAM

Sex:- Male/Femal Both
All aldut members (18 years and above), rural India and willing to do manual unskilled work.

Achievement of MGNREGA Assam

Financial Year Expenditure HH provided employment (in Lakh) Man days generated Avg Man days HH completed 100 days
(Rs. In Cr) (In Lakh) (in Nos.)
2013-14 700.46 12.62 299.17 23.7 15784
2014-15 502.89 9.67 210.87 21.81 10449
2015-16 637.56 15.13 495.11 32.73 45780
2016-17 (as on 19th May 2016) 361.77 2.21 33.89 15.31 120
Total 2202.68 39.63 1039.04 72133


You all know that now you are mgnrega Job card which is available online to view it. The government is now providing special facilities to citizens who is living in rural areas, which are the family settle to work whom unskilled. No candidate needs to go to the government office now to see his name in job card assam list 2023-24. What are the actual benefits of Mgnrega. People are also saving the money by earning NREGA Jobs in rural area. Every family can do this without any issues.

How you can check your Assam MGnrega?

So, there are lot’s of way to check your Mgnrega job card. One of the list is online which is available on official website. To check online without any error online on official website click on :-

If you are facing any issue with Mgnrega in any way regarding payment issue or job issue just write a complaint on Forums Track

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