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Horror of Eureka Forbes



Horror of Eureka Forbes! Inconvenience of non functioning product and related financial loss … a complete nightmare! A clear case of I don’t give a shit to the customer!!


We own a eureka forbes Aquaguard RO+UV+UF+TDS which is under warranty. From August 26 we started facing problems with the machine which stopped functioning. The first complaint was promptly attended by their technician visiting within a day and fixing the problem. But the same problem with the machine returned in 2-3 days so new complaint was made, technician again came, who fixed the problem but again the problem came back and this saga continued for 3-4 times with one or different excuse for the fault given every time. All these records are very much available in the history of our complaint with Eureka Forbes but below are the Details of complaints nos. For your reference
Aug 26: 2004442679
Aug 31: 2004516948
Sep 09: 2004627863

We made the last complaint on September 12 (complaint no. 2004670154) and from that day till today i.e Sep 23, 2017 no technician has come, we call the customer care everyday and the reply is the same recorded dialogues that they have noted and regret the inconvenience and that have put the complaint on priority and that technician will visit today or maximum next day but no one comes and no one from eureka Forbes calls to update. The company have just turned deaf ears to this complaint, we call everyday to the customer care and they have no audacity to even update us or have the balls to say that they don’t want to do anything about this.

This product is in warranty and for past almost 20 days we are buying mineral water from market, we are 7 persons living in the house and it’s costing us rs 200 per day to buy mineral water x 20 days = rs 4000; who will pay for this ???? Besides an inconvenience the incompetence and ignorance and irresponsibility of the company is rendering us financial loss

This is a case of cheating the customer, the product is in warranty and neither it’s been fixed nor replaced by Eureka Forbes we want this machine to be fixed and/or replaced immediately and we want compensation to the financial loss we are facing as we are forced to buy water everyday!!!



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