Hitachi I had bought a Hitachi split AC

By | January 5, 2024

Location: New Delhi Company/Service: Hitachi

I purchased a Hitachi split AC that has had a malfunctioning remote since its first use. Despite assurances from customer care that my concern would be addressed within 48 hours, there was no resolution. Upon reminding them after a week, they apologized and promised another 48-hour turnaround. However, no progress was made for another week, prompting me to contact them again. This time, they apologized once more and initiated a new complaint for a demo. To my surprise, when I followed up a day later, I discovered that the original complaint had been closed by an engineer just two days after its filing, without any prior notification during my earlier inquiries!

It’s disheartening to invest in an AC for the summer months and not be able to use it effectively. I opted for a Hitachi AC at a premium cost, yet I’ve been unable to derive its full benefits. Is there a possibility of reimbursement for the additional premium paid, along with compensation for the inconvenience caused by the inability to use the AC during the hot season?

Best regards, Ashish Aggarwal 9899457110

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