From TDR Reject to TDR Refund

Arun Yadav
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Dear Sir,

I had booked a ticket from BSB to KOTA in 13237/PNBE KOTA EXP, journey date was 11-Mar-2018. I was unable to cancel it 11-Mar-2018 . and hence was directed by irctc to file TDR . I had Filed TDR Claim mentioning Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled.Subsequently I had sent an email to asking as to when the refund will get processed . I didn’t got any response from railways and 26th MARCH 2018. I received an email from mentioning that claim is rejected stating reason “As per chart, passenger has travelled”. Please note that I had travelled to 11072 / KAMAYANI EXPRES . and hence could not travel by the 13237/PNBE KOTA EXP on same day. I have the ticket details of 11072 / KAMAYANI EXPRES , hence I can prove that railways has wrongly denied the TDR claim.But it is wrong. I have not traveled.
Please check it ones from your end,i want my money back or Refund. Please find the enclosed attachment for irctc Image.
I will be Greateful to you.

travelled By train Details –

Train No./Name: 11072 / KAMAYANI EXPRES

Transaction ID: 100001188146979

PNR No 2724341146

Not travelled By train Details-

Train No./Name: 13237 / PNBE KOTA EXP
pnr no. is – 6512318125
Transaction id- 100001188351215
Cancellation id- 100000223730529
Date of cancellation 11-Mar-2018
Ticket Amount:610.0

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