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Fabindia customer service infiranagar branch Bangalore is the worst



I’m a regular customer of fabindia and I’m an architect. I give atleast five business to them every month in the form of clothes,furniture,fabric,gifts etc..I go to indiranagar showroom which they tell that is their biggest in Bangalore..first three and half years they had gud people and were gud in dealings..since past 6months the management in CMH road indiranagar seems to be very unprofessional..sales people are Dump and they donno the pricing specifications and availability..they just waste customers valuable time..especially if designers go, they do selections and it takes lot of time to do that..every hour of an architect is valuable. They never respect that. Last week I went there ..took time and selected things ..spent three hours .sales guy never responded..then I asked about availability and he is telling some are out of production..done will take 22days. And some will not match specifications..he shud have told this befire than wasting my time..I reselected all..then he is telling that I have to go to other fabindia store to get it…these guys now who operate in indiranagar CMH road are highly unprofessional and donno anything about the product..even to cordinate with tailor they have no clue about the dimensions of their own fabric..I donno why fabindia is posting such dump people..also as an architect if I compare fabindia price per square feel of a curtain , it’s equivalent or mare than laying Italian marble of superior quality in floor..they charge bomb on all materials and customers give money without any knowledge..they tells they do asked if 8lakh per day in this store..but they never treat customers properly. For them customers are fools..this is very very bad attitude especially this cmh store..I later went to fabindia store in Koramangala..they were just awsome and so cooperative..also fabindia shuffle gud people which makes customers difficult to establish a gud contact..when they shuffle good prople they bring dump people…this is all related to CMH customers it’s time to thing if it’s really worth giving money to these guys without servicing customers properly..




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