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Criminal charges are not easy to handle even for a repeat offender, not to say first offenders in Prince William County. Being the second most populated territory in Virginia, Prince William County is home to a diverse population. The accused will be in constant fear and their life becomes chaotic on the complete change of events. From peaceful family life, you suddenly turn into a criminal and a stranger to your friends and relatives. This, along with the unexpected consequences of the conviction, can make life uncertain. A good criminal lawyer in Prince William County can secure a favorable outcome in such circumstances. 

The criminal lawyer Prince William County can offer the most vigorous defense and professional legal help to retain the accused’s reputation. The criminal lawyer Prince William County can help to achieve plea bargaining or dismiss the case altogether. It is an undeniable fact that the criminal lawyer Prince William County can be a great ally during the course of the case.

 The criminal lawyer Prince William County has a customized approach to each case since no two cases are the same. The criminal lawyer Prince William County works diligently to explore the possible defenses to attack the witnesses and break the prosecutor’s case. Depending upon the offenses the criminal lawyer Prince William County will choose the best possible defense. According to the Virginia Code Section 18.2-9, crimes are classified as misdemeanors or felonies based on the intensity of the offense. Based on the severity of the crime, the penalties are devised.

 A misdemeanor conviction calls for maximum incarceration of 12 months and for felony crimes the jail term is lengthier.

 What could a lawyer do?

The criminal lawyer Prince William County comes with extensive experience and takes up cases involving; attempted murder, homicide, robbery, traffic crimes, manslaughter, possession of drugs, white-collar crimes, embezzlement, larceny, indecent exposure, child pornography, sex crimes, use of weapons, etc.

 The reason the accused should approach a criminal lawyer Prince William County is that they offer a realistic opinion on the case. The criminal lawyer Prince William County will try to give their 100% to ensure the rights of their clients are protected. Every minute detail is taken into consideration and the attorneys work hard to maintain every deadline. Every case is fact-specific and requires a lot of research on the part of the law firm to analyze the evidence and get a favorable verdict.

 The criminal lawyer Prince William County makes a positive and honest attempt to explore all the avenues in the law to make sure their clients get the best of the deal. There is no doubt the best legal approach is taken to secure quick respite. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. comprises a strong team of experienced criminal lawyer Prince William County who have immense knowledge in handling misdemeanor and felony offenses.


The criminal lawyer Prince William County can handle cases pertaining to:


Assault/Battery: The offense comes with harsh penalties and can be prosecuted as either misdemeanor or felony. A criminal lawyer Prince William County will do everything within their scope of work to defend the charge and protect the interest of their clients.

 Domestic Violence: The offense can have serious repercussions on your family. The offender is often issued a protective order stopping him/her from meeting the victim and other household members. At this time, it is important to seek the advice of a criminal lawyer Prince William County as soon as possible to protect the rights.

 Drug charges: Drug charges could leave the accused running from pillar to post, arrange to pay hefty fines, and participate in a rehabilitation program in addition to significant fines. It could put your family and professional life at risk. Handover your case to an experienced criminal lawyer Prince William County to address your charges and relax.

 DUI/DWI: Driving under the influence is a serious crime and requires the interference of an experienced criminal lawyer Prince William County immediately. Get your charges investigated by an expert team to get your defense in place.

 Theft/Larceny: Theft is also categorized as a criminal offense and could turn out to be serious if you do not have a skilled criminal lawyer Prince William County by your side. The conviction can have life-changing effects and has to be dealt with at an early stage. At the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. we are proactive and can protect your rights.

 Murder: Not just in Prince William County but anywhere in the world, murder comes with the highest of penalties like life sentence or the death penalty. The need for a super lawyer cannot be discounted in a murder case. The prosecution will weave very strong evidence plugging all the out gates. Unless you have a highly professional legal team, you cannot think of a release.

 Sex crimes: The biggest penalty of sex crime conviction is the entry into the Sex Offender Registry in Virginia. This could leave your work and family life in disarray. A capable and seasoned criminal lawyer Prince William County can research the evidence and work out a robust defense to bring you out of the case, thereby protecting your reputation.

 Traffic crimes: Traffic crimes in Prince William County are not taken lightly; you either plead guilty or pay the fine. You cannot challenge the ticket and a knowledgeable criminal lawyer Prince William County can analyze the circumstantial evidence and work towards reducing or dismissing your case.

 White-collar crimes: This type of crime includes scams and other fraudulent activities like tax evasion, bank fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, money laundering, bribery, and the like. An erudite criminal lawyer Prince William County can identify the pros and cons of your case and find out the loopholes in the prosecution’s witness to get you out of the mess as soon as possible.

 Working with a reputed and reliable law firm, like the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is your only chance to resolve your case at the earliest. If you are in an unfortunate situation, it is best to turn for help without any further delay. 

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